I asked Katrien to create the logo for my new company, and I'm very pleased with how it all turned out! Her process and approach are very refreshing, with mood boards, concepts, and feedback moments. She understood when I shared "feelings" about her design, and she managed to understand them and nicely adjust the logo according to it. The end results completely matched my expectations, without exactly knowing what those were or able to articulate them upfront. A very nice experience!

Yannick Reekmans

Managing Partner at Qubix

Katrien was mijn mentor sinds ik begon bij B&MI en ze deed dat met verve! Ze is enorm creatief, enthousiast, hardwerkend en goed in het brengen van structuur en guidance in een chaotische omgeving. Ook is ze goed in het zetten, organiseren en bewaken van deadlines en lange termijn plannen. Haar titel op dat moment was "grafisch vormgever" maar ze deed zoveel meer dan dat. Ze was ook copywriter, marketing sidekick, teamlead en zorgde voor de interne communicatie. Katrien is een droom om mee samen te werken, in creatieve processen voelt ze exact aan wat je wil en ik was altijd onder de indruk van haar werk.

Sara Goossens

Owner of Sara on Social

Wij hebben als kantoor aan Katrien gevraagd om met ons samen te werken om onze social media mee te helpen uitbouwen. Katrien was van in het begin enorm enthousiast om hier mee haar professionele schouders onder te zetten. Niet enkel is Katrien een vat vol goede ideeën, maar alles verloopt ook op een enorm professionele, rustige en supervriendelijke manier. Een enorm fijne ervaring en samenwerking!

Katrien Lambrechts

Credit advisor at Crelan Mol Rondplein

I met Katrien at B&MI NV back in 2018 when I joined the team as a Marketing assistant. Katrien was my mentor and quickly placed me up to speed with the projects currently running. Through the almost 2 years we worked together, Katrien was always my " to go to " person on any idea to be developed. Not only she had a deep knowledge of the business, but she also has the perfect sense of time management that was critical for helping me with what ideas we could put into practice within the time frame we had. She is a creative professional that values teamwork, with outstanding organizational skills, that will elevate the professionalism of any company she decides to work with. Her hard skills go far beyond mastering design tools, Katrien has a deep understanding of the marketing needs of a business and always develops her ideas with the customer in mind. You can not ask for more from a colleague!

Rodrigo Martins


Katrien is a very talented designer. She has the skill to understand customer requirements and turn them into stunning graphics in no time. She has a very pragmatic approach, focussing on automation where possible. Katrien can also operate as a team leader, focussing on planning and deadlines. She has the ability to motivate others around her and always offers a helping hand or listens to your needs. She is very eager to learn and likes to challenge herself. She has a broad business interest that helps her in her day to day job to offer her skills in a broader domain as pure graphical design. Katrien is a pleasure to work with and an example for other colleagues in the company.

Michiel Pauwels

Owner of iDesign bvba